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January 4, 2021

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Your score activates new features that you will discover as you go. The ranking therefore mainly reflects the progress of teams and colleagues in the program.

Gamification is as well one of the teambuilding springs used in the laWEroom. Points, trophies, bonuses and certificates aim to maintain a form of emulation over time that boosts interactions between participants.

Points calculation rules

There are 4 types of points: overall score, Star points (quiz), Sun points ("Just for me") and Moon points (smart chats). 

As the points arrive, colored trophies (star, sun and moon) will appear on your avatar and the one of your team. They  illustrate the achievement of thresholds, with correct quizzes’ answers, with sharing " JUST FOR ME ” contents and with smart points.

  • Daily connection 

Each working day, the first connection brings you 10 points.

  • Like and Unlike 

The appreciation of a content, whether positive or negative, brings along 1 point.

On the other hand, chats’ likes don't bring any points.

  • Chats 

Posting a chat as a text, picture, image or infographic brings points depending on its relevance, how it fits into the discussion, how long it is if it's a text, etc. Chats in "EVERYONE" discussions don’t trigger points, "MY TEAM" chats bring you a few points, and "JUST FOR ME" chats a lot. 

These points related to posts in chats are decreasing: your point potential decreases as you contribute in the same content.

  • Smart Chats (Moon) 

Your contributions are also analyzed in substance. Every night, a half-man, half-robot review awards from 0 to 9 smart points to the contributions you have published, according to their relevance with the debate. These points feed your score and your Moon points (allowing you to win this trophy).

  • Quiz Point (Star) 

On quizzes displaying the symbol of a trophy, correct answers bring 2 to 6 points. These quiz points feed your overall score and Star points (allowing you to win this trophy).

  • Sharing "JUST FOR ME" content with a colleague (Sun)

 Sharing a "JUST FOR ME" Mission brings 10 points, sharing another type of content 5 points. 

Each of your “JUST FOR ME” content shares also brings you 1 Sun point. Then, a 2nd Sun point is earned during your 1st chat in this content. 

If you receive a  “JUST FOR ME” content, you will earn a 1st Sun point for your 1st chat.

  • Sharing a content on social medias 

When you share a content on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, your comments also qualify Smart Chats and brings you Moon points. Remember to tag @laWEbox so that we can identify your contribution and take your points into account.

  • Invitations 

Additional, decreasing points are awarded if you invite colleagues to enter laWEroom (in the Profile tab when this feature is activated).

  • Co-writing rights 

When you get to a new step after getting over a threshold, your overall score triggers email invitations to write content for laWEroom: on this occasion, you can suggest a quote, a good practice, a mission, or even a quiz ... Your suggestions will be included in laWEroom as an extension of the challenge.

  • Connecting to Virtual Classes

Attendance sheets are integrated to evaluate your progress score in the programm.

  • Certificates 

The challenge ends with the delivery of trophies and a certificate if you validate the module. On average, the module is validated by 50% of the participants.

Enjoy the experience.

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