Terms of Use and Privacy Policy laWEroom

TOU as of June 1, 2020


These Terms of Use (hereinafter “TOU”) apply when you have access to and/or use laWEroom application (the “Application”). 

The Application is published by the company laWEbox, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 100,000 euros, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register, under number 835 143 926, and whose registered office is at 108 rue de Miromesnil, 75008 Paris. 

Please read these TOU carefully. 

By accessing the Application and/or using the Application, you fully agree to these TOU.

If you do not wish these TOU to be applicable to you, please stop your access or use of the Application immediately.

Presentation of laWEbox

laWEroom is an application that aims to improve links between work colleagues through missions and contents. 

Each user is linked to a team. 

Missions are presented on the Application, in the “Missions” section, or are notified to users in the Application, or, where applicable, on their mobile phone if the user has made the choice to allow the Application to send him notifications.

By performing missions, users earn points for their team. Missions are offered to all users of a team, some sent randomly by the Application only concern two participants of the same team. 

Users can view their score and team’s rankings as well as individual’s scores and rankings in the “Ranking” section. In this section, users will also have access to awards (virtual badges and trophies) that have been awarded to their team or to the user individually. 

Points earn access to bonuses in the “Bonus” section, which contains tips, practical information or questions to improve the link and well-being at work, through actions, quotes and quizzes. 

Each participant can indicate whether or not they like a mission, a quote, an action proposed by the Application, or a contribution from a teammate. 

In addition, it is possible for users, to exchange via a chat accessible to all members of the same team, possibly mentioning specifically and in a visible way by one or more users belonging to the same team. These exchanges within this messaging can be in the form of texts or photos shared within the team. Each participant can delete a post he has entered in the chat, by clicking on it at a length and then confirming his wish to delete it. 

Access to the Application 

In order to access the Application, users must have a compatible mobile phone and Internet access. 
The App can be downloaded free of charge from the “Apple Store” and “Google Play Store” platforms on the following mobile phones: 

-Apple® iPhone® with IOS operating system from version7.0.
-Mobile phones running the Android® OS from version 4.1. 

The Application software may be updated to add new features or to improve the user experience.

Registration on laWEroom

To benefit from all the features of the Application, you must first have received a message from your employer informing you with the operational conditions for registration. 

You can the register by creating a user profile using the online from provided for this purpose. 

It will then be required to fill in the fields with your email address, an associated password and if requested a business code. In some cases, that will be specified to you, the entry of your business email address is necessary to validate your company’s membership.
You remain free to change the email address and associated password at any time. 

At the time of validation of the registration, you will be asked to read and accept these TOU. Once registered, you will be asked to choose a pseudonym and associate an avatar with your profile, to choose from a predetermined list of avatars. 

Afterwards, access to your account will be done by entering your email address and the password you have created, which you must ensure confidentiality. 

Modifying the TOU 

LaWEbox may occasionally modify these TOU in order to reflect possible regulatory and legislative changes, changes in market conditions, changes in navigation parameters, as well as for any other reason that laWEbox would consider useful, at its discretion. 

Any person accessing the Application will be bound by the TOU in effect at the time the Application is accessed. 

Any substantial modification of the TOU will be the subject of a special mention on the Application. When changes are made to your knowledge, by continuing to use the application you signify your acceptance of the changes to the TOU. If you do not accept the changes to the TOU, please stop using the Application. 

You may not modify or revise the TOU and no modification of the TOU that you would attempt to make commits the Application.

Availability and Security

The Application is, in principle accessible 24/7, unless interrupted, planned or not, for the purposes of its maintenance or in case of force majeure. 

LaWEbox cannot be held responsible for any damage, whatever the nature, resulting from unavailability. 

Users of the Application are further informed that due to the intrinsic characteristics linked to the internet, data transmitted via the Application are not protected against risks of misuse and/or piracy, which laWEbox cannot, in any case, be held responsible for. It is up to you, if necessary, to take all appropriate measures to protect your computer and/or data including by implementing the appropriate technical tools, such as for example, antivirus, firewall, automatic cleaning tools, etc.

Content published by users  

Any content, whatever it is, published on the Application (whether it is, without being exclusive, ads, general information, comments, reviews, image, videos, articles, etc.) must comply strictly with the legal and regulatory provisions in force. In particular, users will ensure that the content they post does not constitute in any case: 

- a violation of third party intellectual property rights;
- an infringement of the human right (in particular: defamation, insults, invasion of privacy, of the image rights, of the dignity of a person, etc.) 
- an attack on public order and morality (including, but not limited to: advocating crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, child pornography, etc.)

Any use not in accordance with these TOU is likely to engage the responsibility of the user. In addition, your access to the Application can also be suspended.


The Application offers users the opportunity to improve their working environment. It cannot offer any guarantee as to the results of its use, such a result being largely linked to the degree of involvement of the participants and their employer, and also linked to other external factors independent of the Application. 

We cannot be held responsible for the consequences resulting from the modification, discontinuity or deletion of the Application or any proposed functionality on the Application, for whatever reason and in particular due to technical constraints.

Under no circumstances shall we be held liable for any damages you may suffer by using the Application, including any viruses or malicious software transmitted to you. 

In addition, any event that may be qualified as an act of force majeure (“Force Majeure”) may lead to the suspension or interruption of the Application and the responsibility of laWEbox may not be engaged during a Force Majeure event. 

Force Majeure includes any fact or omission due to irresistible, unpredictable and beyond our control, including, among others cases of force majeure, actions of civil or military authorities’ fires, frost like weather, storms, floods, natural disasters, or general power outage, cut off road access or traffic ban.

Intellectual Property 

All editorial elements (text, images, logos, brand, domain names, databases, etc.) present on the Application and any other internet site or assimilated application owned by laWEbox is protected by intellectual property law and may not be reproduced or used without the prior consent of laWEbox. 

No one shall be permitted to exploit, spread or use intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, the rights held on the names laWEroom and laWEbox without the prior written consent of laWEbox.

The trademarks and logos belonging to laWEbox are registered trademarks. Any reproduction without the permission of laWEbox therefore constitutes an infringement. 

In addition, the Application contains excerpts from the book “Moteurs d’engagement”, of which the author, Alexia de Bernardy, is the president of laWEbox. Any use or reproduction without permission or not in accordance with intellectual property law will constitute infringement.


A cookie can be set on a user’s device in order to record navigation information, with the aim to improve the technical conditions of navigation and the user experience. 

Any person using the Application may object to the storage of cookies by configuring their browser accordingly.

Applicable Law – Dispute 

These TOU and any disputes arising from the use of the Application are governed by French law. 
If an action were to be brought, it would fall under the jurisdiction of the French courts. 

PRIVACY POLICY for Application Users 

laWEbox is a SAS with a capital of 100, 000€ 
Head office: 108 rue de Miromesnil 75008 Paris 
Email: onvousecoute@lawebox.com
Trades and companies register: 835 143 926
Director of publication: Alexia de Bernardy 
Hosting provider: OVH laWEbox is a registered trademark and operate for the company laWEbox. laWEroom is a registered trademark and operated for the company laWEbox. 

As data protection is an important issue for laWEbox, this Policy has the effect of informing about the use that is made of the data and the right of users towards them. This Policy implements the principles of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and Law No.78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended (“Loi Informatique et Libertés”). 

Confidentiality and processing of personal data

- Navigation on the public website www.lawebox.com : the user is informed that his personal data collected as part of the contact forms, personalized services or any other questionnaire are subject of automated processing by laWEbox. The purpose of processing the data collected via the public website is to keep in touch with people interested in laWEbox, via the sending of a newsletter. laWEbox keeps the data resulting from a possible request of subscription to laWEbox’s newsletter, for a period of one (1) year after the un-subscription of laWEbox newsletter in order to take into account and implement the unsubscribe request.

- Registration on the Digital Application laWEroom: in the digital Application of laWEbox (entitled laWEroom)
, the data collected are the following: 
- Mail, last name, first name,
- pseudonym, 
- PasswordNotices, contributions, broadcasted as texts, pictures or other formats.

The purpose, nature and aim of processing the data collected via the Application is the functioning of the Application in order to develop relationships at work, by implementing methods created by laWEbox. Personal data are kept strictly confidential and are intended for the exclusive use of laWEbox services. Some specific information requested in the online form are mandatory. In accordance with the law “Informatique et libertés” of January 6, 1978 modified in 2004, you have a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion on the data which concern you, which you can exercise sending a mail to laWEbox, 108 rue de Miromesnil 75008 Paris.

The personal data transmitted by a user of the Application laWEroom are processed by laWEbox and its service providers. They are processed for the purposes of optimization of the Application and the methods created by laWEbox on the topic of relational at work. They will be kept for the necessary period to the purpose of processing, which are the execution of the contract and the monitoring of the contractual relationship. In accordance with the law known as “Informatique et Libertés” of 6 January 1978, as amended, each person has a right of access, rectification, opposition and deletion on the information concerning them by writing to onvousecoute@lawebox.com.

As part of the use of user data for customer relationship management purposes, we retain these data for 1 month following the termination of the Customer Agreement with the User’s employer. In the month following the end of this Agreement, laWEbox and the subcontracted digital service provider shall destroy the Users’ personal data. Within this one-month period, the following actions are also carried out:

- The verbatim text related to certain missions are kept for the purpose of compiling the most interesting shares, by deleting the pseudo, emails of their authors to guarantee the irreversible anonymization.
- If User’s pseudos are mentioned in these verbatims they are also deleted. 
- Anonymous statistical data concerning each content of the Application (clicks, likes, unlike, done, etc.) are kept for all Users of a Customer, without being able to identify which tem of Users it is. 
- The most appreciated pictures by the other users are likely to be compiled in a souvenir movie at the end of the sprint for internal use only and in the case of private projects.

If a given User wishes to have their data deleted while using the Application, this means deleting their user account, pseudo, email and contributions. A delay of 4 weeks is required for such deletion not to disrupt the operation of the Application for other users. 
With the purpose of improving the application, aggregated statistics on participation in the contents of the laWEroom as well as restitution medias transmitted to the Customer are kept.laWEbox does not transfer data outside the EU/EEA area. On the other hand, service providers and any subcontractors to which laWEbox relies may have to transfer data outside the EU/EEA. When this is the case, laWEbox ensures that these transfers are made on the basis of appropriate guarantees to ensure the security of the data. In order to ensure and guarantee data security, laWEbox has put in place all the technical and organizational measures at its disposal to prevent this data from being inadvertently and accidentally lost, used, altered, or made available to the public without the authorization of the concerned User.

Legal provisions: The various elements of the website and the Application laWEroom (form, layout, background, structure, images, logos, etc.) are design–protected and protected with  copyright, trademark rights and image rights and may not be copied or imitated in whole or in part unless expressly authorizes by laWEbox. Anyone who does not comply with the applicable legal provisions, is guilty of the offence of counterfeiting and is liable to the penal sanctions provided for by law. 

Copyright:  This website constitutes a work of which laWEbox is the author within the meaning of article L. 111.1 and following from the French Intellectual Property Code. The photographs, texts, logos, pictograms, as well as all works integrated in the website are the property of laWEbox or of the third party whom has authorized laWEbox to use them.Reproduction, transmissions, modifications, re-use, on a paper or computer, of the said website and of the works reproduced therein are authorized only for personal and private use in accordance with the provisions of Article L. 122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code. These reproductions must therefore clearly indicate the source and the author of the website and/or its multimedia works. In no case may these reproductions prejudice the rights of third parties. Reproductions, transmissions, modifications, re-use for advertising, commercial or information purposes, of all or parts of the website, are totally prohibited.The laWEbox logo: The laWEbox logo and the laWEroom logo cannot be modified – proportions, colors, elements, constituents – and cannot be subject to any transformation, animation or any other process. laWEbox logo and laWEroom logo can only be used and associated with verifiable information. Whatever the case, laWEbox reserves its right to approve or disapprove any use of these logos, to ensure its correct use, in accordance with the ethics, morality and interests of laWEbox. laWEbox reserves its right to change the terms of use of its logo at any time and without prior notice.

Database law: Databases are protected by the law of 1 July 1998 and the French copyright regime. 

Establishment of links to the website www.lawebox.com: laWEbox authorizes the establishment of a hypertext link to its website www.lawebox.com for all Internets sites, excluding those providing polemical, pornographic, xenophobic or potentially xenophobic information, to a greater extent impair the sensitivity of the greater number. The link should lead to the home page of the website (home page) and the www.lawebox.com website should appear in a new window. The pages of www.lawebox.com must not be integrated into the pages of any other site (Frame). Unless specific authorization that could be granted on a case-by-case basis, a direct link to an internal page of the site is prohibited. The request to establish a hyperlink from the website, www.lawebox.com , must be done by emailing the mailbox onvousecoute@lawebox.com. In all cases, laWEbox reserves its right to request the deletion of a link if it considers that the target site does not respect the rules thus defined.Links to third party sites from www.lawebox.com: The hypertext links implemented within the website to other sites and/or personal pages and in a general way to all existing resources on the internet cannot engage the responsibility of laWEbox as for the links they contain or changes or updates made to them. General warning: our services make every effort to provide visitors to this website with reliable and verified information. However, despite all the care provided, the website may contain inaccuracies, update defects or errors. We thank the users of the website to inform us of any omissions, errors or corrections by emailing the mailbox onvousecoute@lawebox.com

Photo credits: All photographs and illustrations are the properties of laWEbox. 

Icon credits: All icons in laWEroom are from www.flaticon.com . These include the following team icons: 

airplane_618922, pineapple_590863, apple_1155340, yatch_1401505, banana_2083560, coffee-cup_633652, dog_194279, dolphin_1419425, wind-mill_440059, flamingo_394809, flower_2599129, harvest_601984, football_893831, spanish-guitar_2133334, golfing_1600738, ice-cream_1046885, helicopter_635654, island_618884, juggling_1197004, kepi_2490792, light-bulb_115743, music_415641, mountains_167399, nut_2435638, orange_350382, puzzle_1693015, pizza_99954, atv_2060494, river_1368220, present_690244, tennis-raquet-and-ball_8270.

As well as the following navigation pictograms:

home_25694, avatar_266033, operator_271045, podium_1167307, menu-button_55003, stopwatch_2046757, conversation_1246332,bell_162722, conversation_1280052, thumbs-up-hand-symbol_25423, thumbs-up_25297, forward_2001336, trophy_263056, previous_151846, down-arrow_151851, at_580704, camera_685655, add_1578253, send_2343605, download_724933, go-back-arrow_13964, pause-button_64485, play-button-arrowhead_27223, scale-arrows_84183, zoom-in_25277, scroll_1287105, star-with-five-points_557, sun_553402, crescent-moon-phase_63947, france_197560, united-kingdom_197374, logout_660350, forgot_1000999, cloud_1617383.